We specialize in unique and fun fishing excursions!  Our bowfishing is second to none, and our airboat fishing trips will give you a truly beautiful and productive experience.  A combination trip of bowfishing and fishing, fishing and hunting, or bowfishing and hunting is highly recommended - as it makes for a well-rounded trip and a great experience. 


Rate: $375

(*Rates are for up to 2 anglers, $50 per angler up to 5 total anglers per trip.  Fishing Licenses not included.)

Season: All Year - Best season is winter through early summer.

Trip Times: Our trips are four hours, and can be done both day or night.  Daytime trips are from 10am - 2pm, and Night trips are from 6pm - 10pm.

Bowfishing Info

Bowfishing in the Central Florida marsh is absolutely AWESOME!  We hunt in both the freshwater St. Johns River, and the saltwater Indian River Lagoon.  We can bowfish during the night or the day. . . depending on your preference.  Depending on location, we may hunt out of either airboats, or flats boats.   We bowfish in very shallow, clear water - which makes it very easy to see the fish.  When we bowfish the freshwater, we'll use the airboats to drive back to the little ponds and puddles that have the fish contained and concentrated due to water levels dropping ("shooting fish in a barrel").  When bowfishing the salt water flats, we'll use the flats boats.

When you bowfish with us, plan on shooting a LOT of arrows.  There are almost always a fish within range to shoot at throughout the trip.  The freshwater fish you can plan on shooting are: tilapia, catfish, gar, and armor plated Catfish.  The tilapia and catfish (both of which are fantastic eating) grow to very impressive sizes, with the tilapia reaching 6 pounds and the channel cats going over 30lbs.  The saltwater fish targeted are: Flounder, Sheephead, black drum, and Mullet.   Bowfishing in central Florida is absolutely ADDICTING!

Airboat Fishing

Rate: $350

(*Rates are for up to 2 anglers, $50 per angler up to 5 total anglers per trip. Fishing licenses not included.)

Seasons: All Year (bass: spring - fall, speckled perch: fall - spring, catfish: all year, flyfishing with poppers for panfish: spring - summer)

Trip Times: Trips are five hours, and can either be in the morning or afternoon.

Airboat Fishing Info

We get to the fish!  Fishing out of an airboat allows you to explore the marsh, and fish areas that no-one else can get to.  When fishing the backcountry little ponds and creeks, you can plan on having a very productive day - as the fish are undisturbed and not pressured.  This type of fishing is very enjoyable, as the experience  of exploring Florida's wilderness, in combination of catching some of Florida's treasures, is truly captivating.  This type of fishing is not all about tournament rigged boats and lunker bass getting thrown to the deck, but observing the beautiful wildlife and appreciating the colorful, wild fish in their natural and unchanged habitat.

We fish with very light tackle, and use both bait and artificials - depending on the anglers' preference.  We love taking fly anglers out, and usually carry an extra fly rod for anyone wanting to try.  We spend a lot of time keeping up with the fish's migrations up and down the St. Johns River and really stay on top of the shad and speck runs.  Book a trip with us and experience something new - you'll be hooked!

Combo Trip

Rates: Fishing - Add $150, Bowfishing - Add $200

(*Rates are for up to 2 anglers, $50 per angler up to 5 total anglers per trip.  Fishing licenses not included.)

Trip Times: Add 2 hours of either bowfishing or fishing to any trip.

Fishing or bowfishing on the way out to, or coming back from, a hunting trip adds a lot to the experience.  This is an option that we highly recommend, as the best fishing and bowfishing areas are very near to our hunting locations.

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